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Archery Range is located at 5 Dogs Shooting Range.  Range is approximately 23 miles from NW Bakersfield. The range is open to the public.  A membership is required and there is a small daily fee to use the archery range.  The Archery Range is open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.  All times are subject to change depending on events etc.  The archery range is maintained by a local veterans program and volunteers.


All rules are posted.  You must sign-in at the club house before you shoot any of the ranges. 


You can shoot from 20 yards to 100 yards on the archery range.  There is a special 3D lane that has targets from approximately 20 yards to 70 yards and includes 3D targets on the mountain side.   It is a good idea to bring a laser if you hunt or plan to shoot the 3D targets.  The bag targets are measured and their distances are clearly marked.  5 Dogs address is 20238 Woody Road, Bakersfield, California 93308. Their telephone number is (661) 399-7296


AIRGUN LANE:  Lane one is for airguns from .177 to .25 caliber and lead pellets are to be used to minimize ricochets to the surrounding area.  Do not shoot at archery targets. Targets are at 20 yards, 30 yards and 40 yards.


No broadheads, practice broadheads, blunts or game heads are to be used anywhere on the range.


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