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What a great 2020 dove hunt. It was great shooting with great "kids".

Thanks guys.

Gold Tip Arrows do it again in 2020.

Fantastic job Grant

Wow, what a trophy. Especially your first big game with a bow. It looks like you bet your brother too!

Gold Tip arrows again in 2020.

Great job Scotty. Another trip and another success story and you got to share it with friends and family.

Tyson Crumley and kids with Oregon Buck. Just an added note, Tyson is our Salmon guide in Gold Beach, Oregon. If you need a great guide, he is the person you should contact. Call him @ (541) 698-8338 or visit his website: Rogue River Guide Service with Tyson Crumley

Tyson Crumley's family posing with Bri's Oregon Buck. There was no way Tyson's wife was going to be out done. Nice going Bri!

All dad said was Wyatt is the luckiest kid. Congratulations Wyatt on a beautiful local buck.

Congratulation Joel. One more 2019 California buck with a bow. 47 yard, quartering towards him. What an exit.

  • Bowtech Realm
  • Gold Tip Arrows
  • Slick Trick Broadhead

What a 2019 California archery buck! Love that red arrow. Congratulations Ben on your first buck with a bow!

  • Gold Tip XT Arrows

Blake has done it again. What a goat in a Utah draw. 2019 is starting out with a bang.

Congratulations Blake!

  • Bowtech Realm
  • Gold Tip XT arrow
  • 100 grain Slick Trick broadhead
  • Goat scored 72" Welcome to Pope & Young

What a great day of hunting 2019.

Congratulations Wyatt!

This hunt was an October dream hunt. Grant drew the only out of state tag for mountain goats in Utah. He made a 250 yard shot at 11,000 feet in some of the steepest terrain in Utah. His brother Scott and Family friend, Gary were there for support, scouting, caping and packing.

Congratulations Grant!

What an Idaho hunt with Grandpa Kirk.

October was a great month for Wyatt and his grandpa. Wyatt's buck was a beautiful 4 x 4 and grandpa did not do bad with his 3 x 3.

Congratulations to you both on a successful hunt.

Congratulation Blake on your 2018 Arizona Bull.

Equipment Used:

  • Bowtech Realm
  • Gold Tip arrows
  • 100 grain Slick Tricks  
  •  See the video on the Photo Gallery page. It is a 37 yard shot over water.                     

Congratulations Scott. What a beautiful 2018 Utah antelope.


  • Mathews Bows
  • Gold Tip Arrows
  • 100 grain Slick Tricks

Grandpa Ken with Jack and his first turkey with a bow. Congratulations Jack! First success story of 2018. 

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