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Taking bow lessons from Andy Young has been a great experience for me all around. I had never shot a bow prior to walking into his shop 8 months ago. He immediately made me feel comfortable and capable.

Even though I insisted on repeatedly making the same mistakes, he displayed nothing but patience, kindness and encouragement.  

When I shot my first 3D competition, he was there to guide me. I have never met someone so meticulous in their work and instruction. He has an authentic and genuine desire to see his students succeed. Not only has Andy been a fantastic instructor but he has become a great friend. If you are considering taking bow lessons or need work done on your bow, I would not look any further than Andy Young.

Angela H.

Andy, of Hawk's Archery, has an immense knowledge of archery, reloading, scope mounting and outdoor life. He is always willing to share his knowledge with his customers and friends. I can personally attest to his assistance because he has taught me the skills needed to take two black bears, several wild boars and multiple varmints.  

What I like about Andy are his personal attributes, including honesty, honor and pride that are evident in his work. He is committed to teaching you the skills needed to be a successful hunter or shooter. If you need advice regarding equipment, he possesses the skill and knowledge needed to make recommendations that will enhance your skills. He is seriously committed to providing the support needed for both the novice and skilled sportsman. I recommend Andy's services to anyone because I know, firsthand, that when I leave Hawk's Archery, I have what I need and all work has been completed the right way.

Adam K.

I have personally known Andy at Hawk's Archery for several years. He is kind hearted and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to archery and firearms that he is always willing to share. He spends the quality time and effort needed to make sure you are happy and satisfied with the results. Andy is one of a kind and a very genuine friendly person who is always making sure you have a great experience while getting top notch service.

He has mounted and bore sighted several scopes for me and I have been more than pleased with the results. He always goes above and beyond to get my bows ready for elk and deer hunts. He has taught me to shoot a bow accurately to 100+ yards. He has what is takes to get you "dialed in" for whatever type of experience you had in mind. Andy is about quality service. Believe me, he is an avid hunter who wants to see you succeed.

Mike P.

I am honored to write this letter of reference for Andrew Young (Hawk’s Archery). By profession, I am a veterinarian. I am a bow hunter. I started bow hunting few years ago and before that I used to hunt with my 300 WSM rifle. I met Andy in Paso Robles, he was on short vacation and so was I. I talked to him about my bow hunting trip to South Africa.

He was very excited to hear that I am going to hunt with my bow. At that time, I was pretty new at using the bow. I was nervous too. I just needed some fine tuning in my skills and wanted to have a professional check my bow. Andy gave me his card and I saw Andy couple of weeks later at his archery shop. He worked on my bow which needed some changes. He explained to me everything in detail the reason for those changes. Also, he taught me correct shooting stance in different hunting situations. I went on to my trip and shot plain game animals with my bow with single shot. Next year, I went to Africa again and shot a big lion with my bow (one shot). I give my success credit to Andy’s teaching and repairing my bow. He is a professional and very honest person.

Teg S.

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