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All stock is being sold at cost or below cost. 

No sales tax.

Extra discounts for sales over $100.00

Inventory includes releases, quivers, broadheads, small game heads, wrist straps, arrow building materials, arrow jigs, peeps, peep tubing, rests, predator decoys, camouflage blinds, bow fishing gear, nocks, wind detection smoke, arrow lube, arrow pullers, bino shades, stabilizers, Ripcord and QAD repair kits etc.

Everything is first come, first served.  Nothing held back.  To make an appointment, please call (661) 331-5160

Just a few of the items for sale!

2022-09-23 001 070.JPG
2022-09-23 001 072.JPG
2022-09-23 001 064.JPG
2022-09-23 001 068.JPG
2022-09-23 001 065.JPG
2022-09-23 001 069.JPG
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