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Browse Our Services: When contacting me, please include any type of equipment you may have and your experience.

Certified Archery Instruction

Individual or group archery lessons. Proper form and proper practice is everything when that "shot of a lifetime" presents itself. Getting ready for a special hunt, give me a call. Special instruction from an elevated platform, sitting in a blind etc.

Certified Bow Technician

Custom bow tuning with laser verification. Never leave for a "hunt of a lifetime" unprepared.

Custom Arrow Building

Building custom arrow building. Instruction on how to build your own arrows. Did you know that building a Flu-Flu arrow is easy.


The art of concealment has been here since the dawn of man. There are simple things to do in the field and at home.

If you need more Information, please call (661) 331-5160 or leave your telephone number with your message below.


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